Exponential Coaching™ – A Dynamic Approach to Leadership Development.

The first step to great leadership begins with an understanding of one’s own strengths and vulnerabilities.  Through individualized profiles in DISC behavioural style & Personal Motivation and Engagement (PME), a 360 feedback report on coaching & leadership skills, and one-on-one coaching, participants learn to bridge gaps in their own journey toward high potential leadership.

The Exponential Coaching™  program combines these well established self-awareness tools PLUS experiential classroom training in coach-approach skills, which are grounded in the International Coach Federation coaching core competencies.  Along with recent scientific evidence (e.g. positive psychology, applied neuroscience, motivation), the combination of these elements is powerful, resulting in learning that can be applied back in the workplace the very next day.  The positive impact becomes exponential as participants apply their knowledge and skills to deepen engagement and maximize the potential of others – with everyone from direct reports and peers, to clients and stakeholders.