Changing the World (or even your piece of the world) is big work.  And sometimes big work needs some support.  One-on-one coaching gives you the time and space to really think about where you want to be, take stock of where you are now, and commit to action steps that will get you from here to there.

Click on the Infographic above to learn more about Why Coaching Works (LINK BROKEN / PAGE NOT FOUND  APR 11, 2017)

Meeting every two weeks* for a minimum of four months is optimal for us to establish a foundation, gain momentum, and set you up for long-term sustainability.  Email support between sessions is always included.  (One-time laser sessions and discounts on longer term agreements are also available – just ask!)

* We can meet in-person if you’re also in Calgary, or by phone or Skype if you’re not.

As your coach, I will challenge you in new ways, champion your efforts, and celebrate your wins.  I’m in your corner.

Here’s my simple, yet powerful process:

Get Clear – Gain clarity and focus on what is most important to you about the change you’re making.  Create goals that are both meaningful and manageable for you.

Claim Courage – Tap into your strengths, talents, gifts, and abilities – the ones that serve you best.  Discover (or re-discover) your confidence and passion for your beliefs.

Act Boldly – Develop clear and specific action plans that YOU want to do, so that you’re taking steps toward your goals every week.  Mark your progress with regular accountability check-ins – in a way that suits you.