What could we learn from talking to fifty people who are changing the world?

When we consider who changes the world, it's easy to picture a Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. But what about those everyday people who are making a difference in their own community or workplace? What started as simple curiosity about those who choose to make a positive difference, evolved into an extensive research project. After interviewing nearly 50 changemakers, the themes are clear. Those who successfully lead change don't necessarily share the same personality traits, nor do they take all the same actions, but they do share similarities in their mindset - how they approach adversity and risk, how they view potential collaborators, what they believe about naysayers, and what they believe about themselves.

The good news is that this mindset can be learned.

The emergent research themes form a mindset model – a map of sorts that guides our direction and informs which questions we ask.  Elements include:

·         Sense of Self

·         Dealing with Adversity

·         Handling Naysayers

·         Navigating Risks

·         Collaboration

·         Taking Action

·         Staying on Track

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Whether you identify as a changemaker or as someone who supports changemakers, these elements of the changemaker’s mindset are valuable.

Individuals benefit from customized sessions that are tailored to you: your strengths, your challenges, your beliefs, and your goals.

Groups and teams benefit from exploring the elements together to create increased awareness and appreciation of others, and to develop the best plans for moving forward.

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