2 day classroom experience

Discover how you can inspire and empower others to reach their full potential by combining powerful coaching skills with lessons from the fields of positive psychology and applied neuroscience.

This highly interactive workshop is designed for those who want to know more about the growing trend toward coaching, are motivated to develop their own coach-like skills, and who are curious about exciting research-based evidence on positivity and happiness. You will leave knowing how to better engage others in maximizing their gifts and talents, and you will also leave knowing more about yourself and how you choose to view your world.  

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exponential coachinG™

3 day classroom experience + 1 day follow-up session, 60 days post course

The first step to great leadership begins with an understanding of one’s own strengths and limitations.  Through individualized profiles in DISC behavioural style & Driving Forces, an optional 360 feedback report on coaching & leadership skills, and one-on-one coaching, participants learn to bridge gaps in their own journey toward high potential leadership.

The Exponential Coaching™  program combines these well-established self-awareness tools PLUS experiential classroom training in coach-approach skills, which are grounded in the International Coach Federation coaching core competencies.  Along with recent scientific evidence (e.g. positive psychology, applied neuroscience), the combination of these elements is powerful, resulting in learning that can be applied back in the workplace the very next day.  The positive impact becomes exponential as participants apply their knowledge and skills to deepen engagement and maximize the potential of others – with everyone from direct reports and peers, to clients and stakeholders.

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the course is, you want your own program.  A place where you get to set the goals and outcomes, and where you can speak freely with a trusted partner.  Your own time and space where you can stop and think and discuss what matters to you.  One-on-one coaching support may be what you're looking for.

I’ve learned that I’m most successful working with leaders like this:

- You really like learning more about yourself through assessments and profiles.  Even though it's not always easy to see the high definition version of your weaknesses (and strengths!), you know deep down it’s all beneficial.

- And once you’ve learned about yourself, you can’t wait to start understanding the others in your life and work so that you can be more effective in your interactions with them.

- If you get support, you want someone who has a structure and proven method, but you get freedom to learn and discover at your own pace.  You like knowing the material is based in research or evidence of some sort, but you don’t need an annotated, academic bibliography.

- The idea of practices based in positive psychology appeal to you, even if positivity is not your own default demeanor.  And learning some cool stuff about applied neuroscience intrigues you, at least to understand a bit more about how the brain works.

- You’re willing to learn new things and try new ways of doing things – having the skills broken down in small blocks appeals to you.

- You’re up for a challenge if it’s going to lead to better results.


I’m not in the business of convincing anyone that pursuing personal & professional development is a good idea.

I’m way more interested in hearing what matters to you.


So what are your own reasons for seeking support?

What makes this the right time?

And what are you most hoping to get from a coaching partnership?

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