"Exponential Coaching was by far the best course I have taken at my company.  I have already recommended it to other leaders and if they get even just a small percentage of what I got from the course, they and our company will be way better off.

Exponential Coaching™ Course Participant, 2017

"Kara's coaching delivers results!  Her subtle, insightful questioning style leads you to observe, reflect and take positive action. Kara's brilliant at helping you to park the emotion in the circumstance and focus on what's important. 

She's very committed to your success.  If you are willing to put in the effort and do the hard work, she'll match you one for one and hold you accountable to your commitments... it's inevitable that you will achieve your goals."

Emma S.

“My coaching experience with Kara was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself. With Kara’s coaching, I have arrived at a place of personal empowerment, joy, acceptance and inner strength. I look forward to enjoying my new surroundings with the clarity and focus that the coaching process has brought to both my personal and professional life.”
J. D.
Business Professional, Calgary

“The biggest insight that I was able to take away from Kara’s coaching was that my perspective isn’t the only perspective.  Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get entrenched in a certain way of thinking and a certain way of doing.  Kara isn’t afraid to challenge and stretch you – often she would push back on ideas or outdated ways of thinking that were holding me back.  It’s uncomfortable to step outside your zone and admit that you have a skewed view of something – Kara guided me through that and as a result I was able to grow and adopt a different way to approach challenges.  I will gladly recommend Kara to those who are searching for another perspective.”
Tara Friesen

“I found coaching with Kara Exner to be extremely valuable from both a business and personal perspective.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first considered coaching sessions.  After more than 25 years of association management, I wasn’t sure how valuable and relevant the deliverables from coaching would be.  Kara is great!  She helped me work through a number of complex management issues; she encouraged me to explore out of the box solutions in a number of areas; she asked all the right probing questions and she always pushed me to “take a leap” and to make firm commitments on all of my decisions as we worked through these items.”
T. Cathy Miller, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration

“Being coached by Kara is like going to the naturopath instead of seeing the doctor. Kara takes a whole life approach instead of dealing with one issue by using the circle of life tool.  Throughout our sessions, Kara was able to ask questions that would help me seek clarity from within with regards to my interests, and suggest novel exercises and activities to help me achieve my goals.”
Kevin Campbell
Solar Developer, Toronto ON

“Our appreciation is once again extended for the excellent Team Building focused on Intergenerational Communication for the Calgary John Howard Society.  Kara was very focused in understanding client needs and how best to respond to them.  She is positive and enthusiastic and goes the extra distance to prepare for the workshop and follows up with the client.
CentrePoint Non-Profit Management


“During my first coaching discussion with Kara, I hinted that I did not feel that I was capable of being coached. My sessions with Kara dramatically improved my ability to crystallize and move forward on my personal and professional goals. Kara’s demeanor – caring, thoughtful, focused – is coupled with a tenacity around YOUR goals. Working with Kara was, without question, the single most important activity I engaged in all year. Oh yes, I am capable of being coached. What a relief!”
Vincent Duckworth
Father, fundraiser, triathlete

“Being coached by Kara was a truly transformative experience for me. She is a very caring, compassionate, and skilled coach, who has blessed my life immensely by helping me to identify my goals and to determine the paths I should be following to realize my potential. Sessions with Kara always left me energized and believing in the possible. I recommend her to anyone who knows there is more and wants to find it. I am no longer just a human being, but a human becoming.”
Helen Kominek
Artist, student, wife and mother

“I was at a major turning point in my career when I first started working with Kara. Thanks to her guidance and support, I was able to move forward with my decision with confidence, grounded by what is really important to me in life.”
Karen Karpuk, CFRE
Director of Fund Development, Wood’s Homes

“AFP Calgary and Area Chapter Board of Directors recently had the pleasure of working with Kara as facilitator of our strategic planning session. I found Kara to be very thorough in her preparation for the session. She met with me and also contacted all the Board members to determine desired outcomes of those who would be in attendance. She reviewed and had a very good understanding of the documentation that was provided to her. She has a very pleasant but firm matter and as a result, we completed our work on schedule and on time. After the session, Kara was very quick in getting the notes to me. We enjoy working with Kara and will definitely contact her again for upcoming sessions.”
Debra Ramage, CFRE
Past President, AFP Calgary & Area Chapter